One of the BiUK members, Meg Barker, has blogged about heteronormativity here. A topic of much relevance for bisexual folk. To summarise the argument:

What is wrong with heteronormativity?

  • It leaves people feeling alienated and alone.
  • It is bad for LGBT people and other people who are outside of it.
  • It sets up an ‘us and them’ which enables homophobia, biphobia and transphobia to exist.
  • It is questionable whether the ‘normative’ form of heterosexuality actually is normal.
  • Our treatment of others should not be based on how normal, or not, they are.
  • It is bad for those who have some desires or feelings outside the ‘norm’.
  • It puts pressure on those who are inside it to stay inside it, and may prevent them for finding the kinds of sex and relationships that work for them.

What can we do about it?

  • Move to a model of sexual diversity rather than normality/abnormality.