Queer lecture

Meg talking about the different meanings of queer at Birmingham University:


You can see the presentation here.

Queer prezi

There’s a prezi presentations from Meg here on what queer means and why it might be useful for practitioners and others to engage with it. It covers queer as an insult, a reclaimed word, a form of politics and a kind of theory.

Reasons we might usefully engage with queer include the way it opens up LGBT to various sexualities, genders, relationships and practices which are outside heteronormativity but don’t fit within LGBT, and the challenges it presents to binaries of gender and sexuality (man/woman, gay/straight). However, the associations that some may have with queer (due to their generation or culture, for example) as well as the potential it has to erase bisexuality, mean that it is worth being careful in the ways in which we employ queer.