BiUK was established in 2004 as an informal network for academics and researchers working in the field of bisexuality. In its early years the group conducted research with the UK bisexual community, resulting in academic publications on the demographic make-up of this group and key issues that it faced. It also developed online networks for ongoing communication and – in 2008 – launched the biennial BiReCon event, which brings together academics, community members, and relevant organisations to hear about the latest research and to share good practice.

More recently BiUK has gained national and global recognition through multiple, related projects. In 2010 BiReCon took place in collaboration with the international bisexual conference, attracting speakers from many different countries. Since then, BiReCon events have taken place in other countries worldwide, including the first US BiReCon in 2013.

In 2012, in collaboration with The Open University, BiUK published The Bisexuality Report: a review of international and national research on bisexuality which has been perhaps the key influence on UK policy and practice in this area. The report has been downloaded by over 70,000 people, and BiUK has been invited onto the Department of Health National LGB&T Partnership, and the LGB&T Chief Executives Network on the strength of the document, as well as liaising regularly with the Government Equalities Office.

Finally, the BiUK website has been set up which continues to be a portal for information about bisexuality research, and also includes the guidelines for writing and researching about bisexuality, produced by BiUK members, which inform bisexuality research worldwide.

Members of BiUK also produce their own research on bisexual experience, bisexual ageing, trans* and bisexuality, social policy, and the mental health of bisexual people, amongst other topics. BiUK has links with a number of UK universities, notably the Open University who support much of its work.

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