BiReCon 2014 Programme



tea and coffee will be available to purchase from the Atrium Cafe


Where Next for Bisexual Research in the UK?

Helen Bowes-Catton, The Open University


Papers Session 1 – Diversity and Multiplicity (Ground Floor)

Arts and Humanities Discussion Group (Upstairs)*

It Takes Two (Sometimes): Multiplicity in Sexuality and Gender Christina Richards

We Are Intelligent Because We Are Sexual Beings, Or Rather, Because We Are Sexually Diverse Beings Isabel Portero

The Heterogeneity of Everyday Life Experience: Bisexual Women in Poland Łukasz Paszkowski

Rethinking and Contextualising Monosexism in an LGBT Political Praxis Miguel Obradors

Chair: Helen Bowes-Catton

Discussion Group chaired by Kaye McLelland and Caroline Walters

Lunch break

Food can be purchased from the Dining Room or you are welcome to make your own arrangements


Field Reports

Bis of Colour; Bi people and services survey 2013; The Over 50s Group; Bisexual Index; Bi Community News; and EuroBiNet


Papers Session 2 – Experience and Wellbeing (Ground Floor)

UNISON Workshop (Upstairs)*

Does The Mental Health Status of Bisexual Women and Lesbians in the UK Differ? Lisa Colledge

Anti-Normativity or LGBTQ Rights Approaches: Dilemmas in training provision for professionals Pam Alldred

Breaking the Silence: The Bisexual Experience of Intimate Partner Abuse Sarah Head

Chair: Meg John Barker

Inclusion and erasure of bisexual people in the workplace, politics and activism.Presentations of research into the experiences of bisexual workers and the impact of austerity on LGBT people plus UNISON as a case study for bisexual involvement.

Discussion on the implications for other organisations.

16.30- 18.00

Panel Discussion: Statistics and Monitoring (Ground Floor)

Papers Session 3 – Narratives and Discourses (Upstairs)*

Join our panel of participants from BiUK, UNISON, The Office for National Statistics, and Scottish Transgender Alliance to discuss the collection and use of statistics about bi peopleChair: Ian Watters Frames, Forms, and Norms: Paratexts and Bisexual Reception Chloe Benson

Alan Hollinghurst’s Cock and Balls: Bisexuality as narrative mode in The Stranger’s Child. Joseph Ronan

Public Engagement Caroline Walters

Bisexual Rights? – On Bisexuality, Rights Discourse and Sexual Politics Christian Klesse

Chair: Surya Monro


Concluding remarks (Ground floor)

* There will be a 10 minute break between ground-floor sessions. Sessions taking place upstairs will start 5 minutes after the time shown and finish 5 minutes earlier. This is to allow time for people to use the lift to move between floors if necessary.

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