BiReCon is the biennial bisexuality conference organised by BiUK and taking place the day before the annual UK BiCon event.  It brings together researchers and writers with activists, organisations and members of the bi community to discuss cutting edge research, to share good practice about working with bisexual people, and to attend workshops about various current aspects of bisexuality.

The first BiReCon took place prior to BiCon 2008 at the University of Leicester.

The second, international, BiReCon was held on August 26th 2010 at the University of East London.

The third BiReCon was held on 9th August 2012 at Bradford University, and focused on mental health issues.

The fourth BiReCon was held on 31st July 2014 at Leeds Trinity University, and focused on forging links between academics and communities.

The fifth BiReCon was the first EuroBiReCon on 28th and 29th July at the University of Amsterdam, and focused on bringing international researchers together.

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