New research guidelines for arts & humanities

Thanks to Caroline Walters and Kaye McLelland for adapting the bisexuality research guidelines to produce a list specifically aimed towards scholars in the arts and humanities.

You can read the new guidelines here.

The original (social science focused) guidelines are here, with the paper about them published in the Journal of Bisexuality here, alongside another great paper by Sari van Anders applying the guidelines to the science lab here.

Bisexual comics

At BiUK we get excited about visual methods and the power of art and creative materials to portray things that words alone often can’t.

Yesterday The Advocate included the two bisexual-related comics below which provide a good example of this.

Kate Lethe draws and writes Kate or Die which includes a whole series relating to bisexuality.

Tara Mavery created Dirtheads and Gooch and is on the steering committee of the Los Angeles Bi Task Force.

New York Times – Bi Men Do Exist!

The New York Times last week published an article reporting that bi men do exist. The history of this research is that a group of Northwestern University researchers previously conducted a study which – they claimed – cast doubt upon the existence of bisexual men. They now seem to have taken a U-turn on this in a study using a similar, but somewhat more rigorous, methodology.

Read the New York Times article here.

Read the research here.

Read the original New York Times article here.

Read the original research here.

Read some criticisms of the earlier research here.