Tom Daley comes out about being attracted to more than one gender

BiUK salutes Tom Daley for his brave coming out video. As he rightly says, he shouldn’t have to do this, but we are very proud of him for doing so. We do hope that the news reports of this don’t erase his attraction to women by calling him ‘gay’ given how clear he is being on the subject.

Bisexuality in UK news

This week bisexuality has been in the UK news as conservative MP, Daniel Kawczynski has come out as bisexual. Interestingly, for the first time it seems, Daniel himself came out to his association rather than being outed by the press having previously claimed a different identity. Also, the media reporting – and the response of his political party – have been positive, and have used the word ‘bisexuality’ rather than slipping into assuming this means that he is gay – as in the case of past media reporting of bisexual politicians.

Following the story, Radio 4 interviewed BiUK member, Edward Lord, about his own experience of being a bisexual public and political figure. You can read his blog about this, and follow links to the story and radio interview, here.


On Monday this week, I accepted an invitation to be interviewed by Eddie Mair on Radio 4′s PM programme (minutes 46-52) to give a response to the decision of Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski to come out as bisexual.

I guess I was asked to appear because I, like Mr Kawczynski, am also an elected public official who happens to be bi, and who was profiled by Stonewall last year along with sixteen other lesbian, gay and bisexual people as a role model (see pages 26 and 27). Read more…



Coming out as bisexual

If people are thinking of coming out as a new years resolution there’s a great post about this over on Bisexuality and Beyond.