BiCon 2011 Research Workshop

Originally published in Bi Community News, Oct 2011, issue 109

At BiCon this year BiUK held a workshop to talk about the various projects we’ve been working on during the last year. It felt great to be able to completely fill a workshop with our activities, and a good sign that BiUK is going from strength to strength following its formation in 2007. Here’s a quick overview of what we covered in the workshop. Over subsequent issues of BCN we will fill you in with more details on all of the projects.

BiUK History
BiUK formed in 2007 at a stage when the number of active people researching bisexuality in the UK reached something of a critical mass. A group of us had just had a paper about the BiCon survey accepted by the international Journal of Bisexuality, and Libby had talked us into putting on a research event prior to BiCon 2008 (which she cunningly named BiReCon). We’d been running an email list for some years which had evolved from its original yahoo list format, BiBlio, into the official JISCmail Bi Research Group. At that time we put up a small website to collect together all these things and put together a list of official ‘founder members’.

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