Tracey Plowman

Tracey Plowman has just completed an M.Sc. in Social Psychology at the University of Surrey. Her dissertation was titled ‘Analysing The Perfect Vagina: Constructions of Normality and Difference in Relation to Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery.’

During her time as a postgraduate and an undergraduate at the University of Surrey she has been an active member of the University’s LGBT society: publicising their presence, participating in AIDs education campaigns and serving as a committee member for two years in the role of Women’s Officer. Tracey also organised the first LGBT History Month at Surrey in 2008, coordinating and promoting events including an awareness day, a topical discussion forum and a talk by Dr. Peter Hegarty.

Her interests centre around representations of sexualities, bodies and genders in visual media and she produces creative writing and feminism-inspired artwork on this subject.


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