Surya Monro

Surya Monro has a long history of activism around gender and sexuality. She came out as bisexual in the late 1980s, and was involved in activism against the notorious clause 28, as well as helping to run a radical bookshop which carried LGB publications, and contributing to the dyke zine Shocking Pink. Surya then migrated into lesbian-dom for a few years, and came out again as bi in the late 1990s, taking part in and contributing to bi community events since then. Her activism took a more academic and policy related turn from the mid 1990s onwards, firstly through her PhD on transgender politics and her publications (specifically Gender Politics: Citizenship, Activism and Sexual Diversity – Pluto 2005 – which has substantial bi oriented content), and then through contributions to two major research projects on LG and LGBT equality in local government in the UK. She also has an active interest in LGBT and non-heterosexual identities in the global South.

Surya is a research fellow based at the University of Huddersfield.


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