Bisexual Erasure in Academic Research

A new research paper outlines that bisexuality is often marginalised, under represented and erased across social sciences literature. The paper is written in collaboration by BiUK’s Prof. Surya Monro (University of Huddersfield and BiUK), Dr Sally Hines (University of Leeds) and Dr Antony Osborne (University of Huddersfield).

The abstract states:

‘This article provides a review of sexualities scholarship within the social sciences between 1970 and 2015. It takes an innovative approach by focusing on the way in which bisexuality is addressed in this body of literature. The article reveals the marginalisation, under-representation and invisibility of bisexuality within and across the social sciences in relation to both bisexual experience and identity. Reasons for this varied across the different eras, including the heterosexist nature of the literature, the impact of gay and lesbian-focused identity politics, and queer deconstructionism. In addition, patterns of bisexual erasure and invisibility were uneven, with some scholarship taking inclusive approaches or criticising prejudice against bisexuality. The initial findings of the review were enriched by critical commentary from key relevant sociologists and political scientists. The article concludes that future sexualities scholarship could be enhanced by greater consideration of bisexuality.’


The paper is available to read here.

Its full reference is: Monro, S, Hines, S & Osborne, A. (2017) ‘Is Bisexuality Invisible? A review of sexualities scholarship 1970–2015’, The Sociological Review, pp. 1-19.


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